Jury Pioneers

A diverse selection of jurors, featuring a mix of creatives, designers, marketers, business people, entrepreneurs, journalists and thought leaders, will be looking to award D&AD Pencils based on three criteria: an original and innovative idea at its core, clear and measurable impact in its chosen category area and relevance to the business's commercial needs.

The 2017 Impact Awards Jury includes leaders from BlackRock to Snapchat, from The Girl Scouts of America to P&G, from Post Secret to Wieden + Kennedy. The range and variety of Judges is indicative of the campaign Impact aims to create, crossing all industries and meeting in the middle where they have a set of shared beliefs: belief in the need for businesses to have purpose beyond profit; belief in the power of creativity to create change and be a force for good; belief in the crucial role of brands and business in creating a better, fairer more sustainable world.

Categories of Impact & Juries

Financial Empowerment

Ideas that encourage financial empowerment and help lift people out of poverty. Initiatives that change the way we interact with money, nurturing fiscal efficiency, best practice and entrepreneurship.

This could be educating individuals on how to improve their financial capability; improving the financial security of low-income people; creating better access to economic resources and basic financial tools and services; developing new types of financial services; apps that improve control and access to personal or business finance; platforms and services that assist start-ups.

Frank Cooper
Jennifer Barratt
Chief Education Officer
Cemal Ezal
Change Please
Laura Jordan-Bambach
Mr President
Laura Langdon
Frog Design
Liz Wessel

Key Dates

May 2
Impact Entries Open

Begin submitting your campaigns, products, business initiatives and community projects for review.

August 11
Extended Deadline

Ensure you submit all of your impactful work by the deadline.

September 26
Award Ceremony

Join us at Advertising Week in New York City for the second annual D&AD Impact ceremony.