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Key Dates

Friday 11 August - Extended Deadline
Monday 25 September - Final Judging
Tuesday 26 September - D&AD Impact Awards Ceremony, NY


Digital Entry Guide


Click here to download the Impact Entry Guide.


Click here to download the Promise Entry Guide.

What can I enter?

D&AD Impact accepts any project, product or initiative that seeks to build a brand or business by having a positive impact on the world. Entire Business Concepts, Business Initiatives, Marketing Campaigns, Public/Community Projects and Products (both physical and digital products such as apps and software) are all welcome.

Impact or Promise?

Before you select your category, you will be asked to select Impact or Promise.

Promise has been launched for the first time this year, and is designed for entrants with great ideas who need support in order to scale their project to make a real impact. Shortlisted entrants will be rewarded with exposure, funding, mentoring and connections.

In addition to providing details about the project, Promise entrants will be asked to specify how they envisage the project can be scaled and what resources are required to reach optimum impact.

Successful Promise entrants do not receive an Award, rather the opportunity to pitch for additional project support.

All other entrants, whose work is complete and has already made an impact at local, national or international level should select Impact to be considered for a D&AD Impact White Pencil.

Project Categories

A project may be entered into a maximum of three categories, but the written answers should be tailored for the individual entry. Projects may not be entered into Impact and Promise.

There are 12 categories:
Communication & Interaction / Community / Diversity & Equality / Education / Environmental Sustainability / Financial Empowerment / Health & Wellness / Humanitarian Aid / Industry Evolution / Government Engagement / Responsible Production & Consumption / Urban Living

Project Type and Scale

Entrants will also be asked to specify:

The type of project:
Entire Business / Business Initiative / Marketing Campaign / Community / Public Project / Product / Other

The scale of the project:
Local / National / International

We welcome the entry of a project into more than one category but please be sure to tailor the written answers for each individual entry.

Entry Rules

To be eligible, your project or initiative must:

  • have been launched or significantly changed or updated and re-launched between 1 January 2015 and 1 July 2017
  • comply with all relevant laws and regulations
  • have not already been entered into the same category by another Entrant
  • have approval from all partners/stakeholders
  • have not previously entered into D&AD Impact, unless the idea or realisation has changed significantly since the previous entry

We do not accept:

  • concepts or works created only for the purpose of entering competitions
  • prototypes that have not been commercially released within the eligibility period

Judging Process

Each category will be judged by a carefully selected group of leaders in their fields; a mix of creatives, designers, marketers, business people, entrepreneurs, journalists and thought leaders. They will make their judgements based on the originality and innovation of the idea, its impact, and its contribution to the overall ambition of the organisation.

Through a series of judging rounds and discussions each jury will formulate a final selection; a group of entries they deem to be the best work in the category. This will be followed by a day of high level discussion where the final Awards are decided.

But please be aware, as a D&AD Impact Judge, the jury’s role is to seek out excellence, there is no prior commitment to numbers and D&AD Impact do not issue quotas.


What do you win?

Entries that make it through the judging rounds will be awarded a D&AD Impact Wood Pencil; this represents the best work in the category. Entries that make it onto the President’s Shortlist will be awarded a D&AD Impact Graphite Pencil; standout work that rises above the initial selection.

The 12 Jury Presidents and 12 Jurors will decide which entries receive a D&AD Impact White Pencil; entries that truly demonstrate the power of creativity to impact on the way the world works.

And finally, if we’re lucky, the D&AD Impact Black Pencil; for truly exceptional, gamechanging ideas.


How much does it cost?

50% discount applies if either of the following criteria are met:

  • If company is less than three years old and employs fewer than 20 people
  • If company is a charity

Required Information

What do you need to enter:

A Title and Cover Image for your Project.

Entrants for D&AD Impact must provide a written explanation of the project and how it meets the judging criteria. Entrants should provide as much information as possible to support the judge’s understanding. This is the only mandatory part of the entry, and the primary material for judging.

We ask you to supply a maximum of 500 words in each of the following areas:

Creative Idea
What is the idea at the core of the project/initiative?

How is this idea new? How has it evolved current thinking?

How has activity met business objectives? Has there been in an increase in market share/sales/fundraising? How has it contributed to the overall ambition of the organisation?

What did the project mean to the target audience? Did they participate, react or respond? Has there been a shift in brand perception? How has the project had an impact in the category area? How has this been evidenced?

Supporting Media

In addition to this we allow you to upload Supporting Media. Please note this is optional. This can be in the form of:

  • 5 RGB images
  • 1 URL
  • 1 Video [uncompressed format / min 8.5 mbps - max 50 mbps / audio + video as single file]

Physical Products: Where the entry is a material object we request you provide digital images at the initial stage. Should your entry be voted through on the first round of judging we request that the object is sent in. Entrants will be contacted in August 2017 with more details.

Contact Us

If you have any other questions, please contact us at: awards@dandadimpact.com