This Girl Can

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In England, two million fewer women than men were exercising regularly, despite 75% saying they wanted to be more active. FCB Inferno found that their fear of being judged was holding women back. This Girl Can tackled that fear head on with an integrated campaign. The TV spot sees a young woman walk confidently through a changing room, before adjusting her bikini bottoms with a twang of elastic. What follows is a stirring celebration of women who aren't models or sports personalities, but are smashing through their personal barriers every time they run, punch, kick, throw, row, ride and dive. The pace of the edit mimics an exercise routine and is synced to Missy Elliott's contemporary classic Get Ur Freak On.



“Create a campaign that women themselves will own” was the brief from Sport England to FCB Inferno in June 2014 that led to one of the most shared and loved campaigns of 2015, This Girl Can. Inspiring women to exercise is hard enough without the pressure of creating a campaign that they will adopt as their own. It meant thinking in a completely different way; planning for the moment that you let go. Now women all over the world are owning This Girl Can.